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Four Pack Combinations

Single or 2 Boxs 4 Boxs


  • American Timothy has thick stems and due to the hot climate it is grown in is nice and green too.

  • Soft Hay is quite fine and has a fragrant smell.

  • Stalky Seed Hay is coarse perhaps not so green but has good feed value

  • Barn Dried Hay, similar to stalky but has been artificially dried but this has all gone now.

  • Barley Straw is not so popular but never the less is a good fibre source and can also be used as bedding.
  • All Hays and Straw have been subject to our dust extraction process - each box weighs approx. 2kg
  • At the moment we are sending two bales out in one larger box as an experiment.

  • Carriage to is FREE excluding the Highlands and Islands

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Product Description:

We are sending orders out in double size boxes as well as single at the moment just to see how things go, If you order four boxes and two hays are the same its likely they will come in two double boxes. Its all a bit experimental just now, we have to use all the double boxes we have first and then we will review how we take things forward. Thanks for your patience.