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Four Pack Combinations

Single or 2 Boxs 4 Boxs


  • American Timothy has thick stems and due to the hot climate it is grown in is nice and green too.

  • Soft Hay is quite fine and has a fragrant smell.

  • Stalky Seed Hay is coarse perhaps not so green but has good feed value

  • For this year we have Barn Dried Hay, similar to stalky but has been artificially dried.

  • Barley Straw is not so popular but never the less is a good fibre source and can also be used as bedding.
  • All Hays and Straw have been subject to our dust extraction process - each box weighs approx. 2kg
  • At the moment we are sending two bales out in one larger box as an experiment.

  • Carriage to is FREE excluding the Highlands and Islands

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Product Description:

We are having to change the way we package the box's at short notice I'm afraid. We ordered a new batch of box's two weeks ago only to be told by the supplier they could no longer make the size we use. So in the interests of costs we decided to have a double size box made,which we expect to be delivered this week. Our plan is to pack the bale into a perforated plastic bag before putting it in the box, this will still give the option of a choice.