Contact Us

Email is the best and preffered way to contact us as we are usually busy and can't always answer the phone, we work in a noisy environment and are usually operating machinery,
so email is always best, you will get a swift response.

Please see our FAQ page and Hays Page before you email us most answers to your questions can be found here.

Delivery Problem?

Multiple Packs somethimes get split up usually any missing arive the next day.


Please go to the tracking pages first for help and/or  UKMail Tracking this is best as they will give you any information first hand, 

If all else fails please contact us -  Email: with the form below (preferred)  or  01889563390

NB. Your call may diverted to a mobile in which case we respectfully advise it may not always be convenient to speak,
this is why email is preferred.

Dust Free Hay Ltd  -  Doveridge  -  Derbyshire  -  DE6 5LL  -   Company Number 9662439