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You can choose a combination here from the drop down boxes below this is a good opportunity to try different types.There is also an option for a trial pack here in the first drop down menu.
You can choose up to four boxes here or just one, in this case any remaining selections must show”Thats all Thanks”
Each box for a guide will weigh 2kg see the video of a box being opened on the video tab below.

However many you order they will be strapped together for transit.

We have mixed together  Meadow Hay and American Timothy Hay (60/40) as an option to give a little more choice in one box.

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Our Box Combinations give you the choice to try one of each of our hays, the sturdy recyclable cardboard boxes we put the hay into are a convenient way to buy and store if you don’t require lots at a time.

Our Soft Hay will come from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re-seeded for many years this is the type of hay that has the lovely fragrance we all associate with fresh cut hay and will include older types of grasses like Cocksfoot, Fescues, Crested Dogstail to name a few.

Stalky Hay and Timothy are from less established grassland meaning they have come from recently re-seeded ground using more vigorous faster growing types of grass such as Rye, they produce more growth and have a higher feed value. This smell is a little different more of a “mealy” hard to describe smell but never the less is an excellent feed.

You can also include the imported American grown Timothy in your choice, this really is excellent hay!

Take a look on the Video Tab and see a box being opened to get an idea of the quantity in each one.


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  • PApt06iGqA says:

    “Hi there. My 2 x boxes of hay arrived this morning right in time within the slot.
    I just wanted to say that my 3 guineapigs absolutely love the American Timothy hay. As soon as I out some on the lawn for them, they dug straight in and seem to devour it. They’re still there now, in the sunshine, eating fresh hay. No better sight.
    Thank you again for great service”

  • Norman says:

    I ordered 2pm and hay arrived 10 next morning, well impressed great quality will use again

  • Norman says:

    I’ve been buying this stalky hay for years and the quality is always great and consistent. My rabbits love it and the course nature of the hay keeps their teeth in great condition. They turn their noses up at all other hays!

  • Norman says:

    Really nice, fresh, fragrant hay. My rabbit loves it.

  • Norman says:

    I tried the sample box, it was a good way of seeing which was preffered.

  • Jane S says:

    My two guinea pigs are really enjoying this latest batch of Soft Hay – I’ve just ordered some more, thanks! Liking the updated website too – great idea to have videos showing just how much is in a box!