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English Timothy are Not Available

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You can order from here one to four of any combination, either Soft Meadow Hay and /or the more nutritious Stalky or Seed hay as well as Timothy and Straw, this way is a good opportunity to try different types.
The video tab shows what’s in each box, you might be surprised of the amount we can cram in but we want you to see exactly what you are buying. You can see on the video tab it easily fills a household dustbin.

Weight wise we aim for 2kg  although its best to point out this can vary a little depending on the crop,

The boxes are sent out strapped together  in the quantity you have ordered, the cardboard is recyclable as are all our packaging.

  • Soft Hay – Fine, Green and Fragrant.
  • Stalky Hay – Coarse and Crunchy less Colour excellent Feed Value.
  • Barley Straw – Bright, Good Source of Fibre use for bedding too.
  • American Western Timothy –  Imported hay….. Excellent!
  • English Timothy  –  Out of Stock for the foreseeable future

More information including videos of current hays (click on images for video) showing how much and what exactly you are buying.

Delivery is included in the price.

We would be pleased to receive any comments on our hays and service, you can do this on the “Review Tab”


  •  P.S – Sample Box containing four hays available (Select in first box, remaining boxes must read “Thats all thanks”

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  • PApt06iGqA says:

    “Hi there. My 2 x boxes of hay arrived this morning right in time within the slot.
    I just wanted to say that my 3 guineapigs absolutely love the American Timothy hay. As soon as I out some on the lawn for them, they dug straight in and seem to devour it. They’re still there now, in the sunshine, eating fresh hay. No better sight.
    Thank you again for great service”

  • Norman says:

    I ordered 2pm and hay arrived 10 next morning, well impressed great quality will use again

  • Norman says:

    I’ve been buying this stalky hay for years and the quality is always great and consistent. My rabbits love it and the course nature of the hay keeps their teeth in great condition. They turn their noses up at all other hays!

  • Norman says:

    Really nice, fresh, fragrant hay. My rabbit loves it.

  • Norman says:

    I tried the sample box, it was a good way of seeing which was preffered.

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