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 Who Buys?

Over the last 20 years or so we have supplied our hay to the small animal market most modern farms now only produce massive bales that have to be moved with a tractor or telehandler making small bales increasingly hard to find or you just want a quick and convenient way to buy good quality hay

Our Hay


Our Soft Hay comes from old meadows with traditional varieties of grass’s such as Fescues Cocksfoot to name a couple. These types have the wonderfull smell we associate with haymaking in the summer.


Stalky or Seed Hay can be quite coarse with more of a yellow colour. Grass type is mostly from the Rye grass family which is a fast growing variety commonly used for haylage but a little more difficult to make into hay as the stems are thicker and need lots of sun.


Straw is the stem from a cerial crop in our case barley, the crop has to be harvested with a combine which seperates the grain from the straw. Cereal crops have to be re sown every year.

English Timothy

Timothy is popular as it has a low calcium content, thick stems with seed heads it is quite hard to grow to a good standard and need lots of sun.

Meadow Mix

This is a mix of meadow hay and American Timothy that we mix together so you won’t come acroos this probably anywhere else, we have done this to make foraging for your animals a little more interesting.

American Timothy

American Timothy

Yes this is grown in America and we import. Crazy but it really is fantastic looking hay, its very green and has thick stems with large seed heads. They have an ideal climate over there cold winters and hot summers and is favoured by racehorse trainers all over the world.

Our Packaging

Recyclable Packaging

We pack into recyclable carboard boxes for shipping smaller boxes are strapped together Large Bales and Five Packs go into a box and strapped  securley.

We ship every day except Saturday

We use DPD next working day delivery so providing you order by mid-day you will get your order the next day. DPD are excellent at keeping you informed of just what time you should expect delivery using text and email notifications, you can even see the progress your delivery driver on the DPD web site.

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What’s Dust Free?

Fragmented pieces you find in the bottom of a bag are always going to occur and are harmless more importantly our concern and aim is to remove the airborne dust that is in all hay, this is the very fine dust you may only see in a chard of sunlight or when it settles on a surface. Its not good to inhale this by animal or keeper. Claims that hay has no dust in it are misleading and dust extracted usually means a small amount has been removed. Our purpose made process eliminates practically all the airborne dust.


We grow hay ourselves without the use of sprays or insecticides, our trusted suppliers understand our strict requirements and our need for best quality along with different textures to fulfil our customer’s requirements.

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