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  • Best quality dust free hay & straw
  • Choice of sweet smelling or coarse types and textures
  • American and UK grown timothy too
  • Packaging is recyclable
  • Convenient pack size for small animals
  • Easy to store in a breathable sack or box
  • Quick and efficient next day delivery
  • A friendly team happy to help
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American Timothy Hay

Imported hay….. Excellent!

Soft Hay

Fine Green and Fragrant

Stalky Seed Hay

Coarse and Crunchy great feed value

English Timothy

Coarse Green Hay with Seed Heads

Our Hay and Packs Sizes

Large English Timothy

Large Stalky

Large Soft

Sample Pack

What customers say

Hi Dustfree hay. I’ve just had a delivery of two large bailes of soft hay.This has to be the best hay I’ve seen in ages. I had been buying hay from a farm, but 6 of my guinea pigs got pneumonia, vet fees came to alot. I have 24 guinea pigs in total. You just cannot give any old hay especially hay that has fine dust and mouldy hay. You save on vet bills getting the best hay. Eileen