American Timothy Packs


Imported American grown Timothy Hay.

Always comes in boxes to protect during transit.Long green strands of top quality hay, probably the best hay you can buy.Grown in Washington State USA and exported all over the world this is recognised as one of the best hays there is. Since the beginning of February we have new stock from a different supplier and think this is a positive move
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Our American Timothy is grown in Washington State on the west coast of America, it’s a long way from here but unfortunately we just don’t have the climate here in the UK to grow to this standard consistently. When we first started I thought it was crazy to buy hay and transport it half way across the world but having tried  Canadian and French hay and finding the quality not as good we decided this is the best option to give our clients the best available.We are excited to have another American supplier on board as of February to help maintain and improve the standard of this hay further.This option gives us the opportunity to offer a Large 25kg bale of this hay at a very competitive price.

This shows a box of American Timothy being opened (Old design boxes shown in the video but still same amount today)

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Dust Free Hay


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  • Norman says:

    “Hi there. My 2 x boxes of hay arrived this morning right in time within the slot.
    I just wanted to say that my 3 guineapigs absolutely love the American Timothy hay. As soon as I out some on the lawn for them, they dug straight in and seem to devour it. They’re still there now, in the sunshine, eating fresh hay. No better sight.
    Thank you again for great service”

  • Norman says:

    I ordered 2pm and hay arrived 10 next morning, well impressed great quality will use again

  • alisonblair30 says:

    The very best hay ever American Timothy dust extracted and superb quality. I have 2 very fussy house bunnies ages 8 and it’s the only hay they will eat and they munch in their hay trays constantly. Great hay and comes in very convenient boxes that I can stack in the garage highly recommended

  • Norman says:

    I tried a 25kg bale, very pleased with it. Lovely hay