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Our Soft Hay comes from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re seeded for many years, this type of hay has that wonderful fragrance we associate with fresh cut hay.
Stalky Mix is coarser and more yellow looking grows more rigorously from leys only a few years old with Rye grass family most predominate  along with a little Timothy. Standard is a new choice – texture is somewhere in the middle of Soft and Stalky,so if your not sure you won’t go far wrong with this one.
English Timothy has strong stems and large seed heads can be paler in colour compared to American Timothy (which is only sold in boxes)  but very chewable!
Barley Straw is a good source of fibre.

Once delivered the packs can be broken down into their 2kg individual bales this can help with storage. The hays compressed into the recyclabe sack and you might be surprised how much we can cram into them, as a guide these packs have 5 x 2kg bales.
The pack of wrapped bales are put in a cardboard box ready for collection by DPD. Video shows English Timothy being opened

There’s more information Here

Each bale has the hay type stamped under the sealing tape

Really pleased with the quality of this hay and my animals love it Caroline

Excellent service,very pleased with the hay Stepanie

Consistently excellent service, quick delivery and great hay. Guinea pigs very happy, as am I ? Caroline

Excellent service as always Stephanie

Excellent service and lovely hay,many thanks Stephanie

Always excellent hay.rabbits love it Kenneth

All well packed and in excellent condition. Rodger

Great quality hay as always. Kerry

Good quality hay and timely delivery. My only quibble is that it is packed so tightly into the bags it can be difficult to extract at times. Roger

My bunnies haven’t started this batch of hay yet but I’m sure they’ll love it as they usually do. Delivery was amazingly fast. I ordered late Saturday evening and it was delivered on Monday. Stephanie

Five Stars Rodger

Bit getting used to the colour but I knew it would be yellow 5 chins getting acquainted with it brilliant packaging and very quick delivery ? Diane

Yes always happy with your service. It’s easy to order and delivery time is always quick. I would always recommend you to other people. I would never think of going anywhere else. Stanley

My rabbit’s love this hay. Great quality and price. Fast delivery so I never need worry that I’ll run out. Stephanie

Perfect as always. Easy website to navigate, great product and fast delivery is always guaranteed. Gail

The bunnies approve! Laerke

Excellent service and beautiful hay as always. Our 21 rabbits love your hay. Paula

Best hay in the uk according to ku bun Neil

We have two rabbits, Sir Norman Wigglytuff (8 years) and Bea (2). We recently adopted Bea from the RSPCA and were warned that she’d need her molars trimmed 3-4 times a year, because she doesn’t like hay. Norman taught her to eat hay, and the stalky hay id their absolute favourite. And Bea hasn’t needed

Excellent hay and fast delivery as always Angela

Hi ? obviously we have only opened one bale and we know our two bunnies eat the hay better or not (more/less) depending on the time of year or where it was harvested from. This time they’ll take it or leave it! They have access to fresh hay twice a day. As customers we are

Very happy bunnies, they always are. Great customer service, happy people too! ? Anonymous

’ve been ordering hay off you for years now and have never had any problems. The service is excellent and the delivery is quick. I shall always use Dustfreehay Stanley

Absolutely fantastic Hay, the rabbits love it, nice and green, the best hay they can have, great delivery to and very well packed. Lorraine

Fantastic hay as always that our 21 rabbits love. Paula

Brilliant hay as always and next day delivery is perfect Stephanie

Just what my rabbits love, quick and efficient as usual Len

Lovely quality as ever. Caroline

Excellent delivery. Rabbits have not yet tried out the hay : ) Rodger

Excellent service as always, and the rabbits love the hay. Paula

I’ve been getting hay from Dustfreehay for many years now and they’ve never let me down even in the Covid period. I think there an excellent company, easy to order online and very efficient and will never let you down. I would never even think of getting my hay anywhere else. Stanley

I got it to give to my fussy mare when we travel as she wants hay at shows but it can make her cough so I thought let’s try this. So far in her stable shes munching away but no coughing Jenifer

I’ve been using Dust Free Hay for many years now and my guineas love it. They nest in it, and tuck into it like crazy. The soft hay is incredibly soft for them to lie on, burrow in and snuggle on. It also smells so good that sometimes I want to eat it (if I

We’ve purchased hay for our Guinea pigs from Dust Free Hay for several years now and are always delighted with the quality of the product and the speed of delivery. Christine

The buns love it🐰 Nikki B.

Lovely Timothy hay, my rabbits prefer it Len

As always excellent hay and a quick and efficient service Paula

I got it to give to my fussy mare when we travel as she wants hay at shows but it can make her cough so I thought let’s try this. So far in her stable shes munching away but no coughing Jennifer

I’ve been with DFH for a long time now and would recommend them to everyone. Because each time I’ve ordered hay, from the time I’ve ordered I’ve only ever had to wait a few days to receive it. There very professional and efficient in what they do. Very good customer service. I would never even

My bunnies love it! Lynne