About Us

We’ve been supplying hay and straw to the smaller animal  market coming up for 20 years now and have despatched many thousands of packs of quality hay and straw to satisfied customers around the country, gaining a reputation for quality and service and setting new standards defining excellence in quality hays from not only this country but further afield including the USA.

Our small company is at the forefront of producing and supplying clean and practically dust free products helping your animals welfare as well as owners, our intuitive ideas on packaging and sizing has set fresh standards.

This all started all those years ago after identifying that most retailers are only able to stock and sell what’s available to them from the few large national wholesalers, in lots of cases being poor to mediocre quality and could have been sitting round for weeks and months.

Alternatively you can buy hay from the local farm, it’s probably the cheapest way but comes with all the inconvenience and mess of collecting and can be pretty hit and miss too, you’ll never know exactly what you’ve got until the bale is opened, sometimes it can be good other times awful.

Having worked in the horse and farming world for 30 years you learn what good hay is but it has to be said that having supplied and listened to small animal users has taken our view on hay quality and types to another level that would make lots of hay producers weep!

Our customers expectation are very high but we always come up with the goods despite some year’s weather making this very challenging.(image above is of imported American Timothy)

DustfreeHay is a small family company based on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border between Ashbourne and Uttoxeter, A beautiful part of the world!