About Us

We have been supplying trade outlets for some years and found that most retailers were only able to stock and sell what was available to them from the few large national wholesalers. In most cases this was very poor quality and may have been packed for as long as a year. You can also buy hay from the local farm, its probably the cheapest way but comes with all the inconvenience and mess of collecting and can be pretty hit and miss too, you never know exactley what you’ve got until the bale is opened, sometimes it can be good other times awful and that’s if you can find small bales as most are large round or massive square ones these days.

We decided that we could offer better buying options and eliminate many of these drawbacks with our products.

1.  The hay is stored until we need it will be baled up into our packs just a couple of days before you order ensuring quality control and the hay has kept okay and not deteriorated while in storage.

2. Our bales come in two sizes so you can order which is the most convenient size to suit you.

3. Choose between types of hay or even mix and match, you can read more about the types of hay by following this link.

4. One thing that really makes our hay stand out, and incidentally, where we got our company name from is our dust removal process, we invested in purpose made equipment much of it our own design that is extremely good at removing the biggest problem with all hay –  DUST!  Follow this link to read more.

We’ve grown and sourced best quality hay, removed the dust given you the choice of different types of hay packed it into convenient clean breathable package and next we have to get it to your door. We currently use DPD who are pretty good at this, take a look at their video here. Quite a lot involved doing this and thankfully it works!