Terms and Conditions

ONLINE SHOPPING has become a way of life after the pandemic and the convenience and good delivery services we have these days makes it a very practical way to purchase, however its not quite like going to a shop in person, the distance separating the buyer from the seller has implications that need to be taken into account and understood and we ask you to read and agree to the terms of supply below before you purchase from us.



  • Hay is not the same as last time. Hay is a natural product and our stocks change as we use from different fields, this means there’s going to be a little variation in texture colour and smell that is beyond our control however we do try and maintain a standard as honestly as we can. 
  • My animal won’t eat the hay. It’s understandable that if your animal won’t eat the hay you may jump to the conclusion there is something wrong with, we take great care with our quality control to make sure what we send out is the best available and are aware of just how picky some animals can be, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the hay, they may just be off it and usually after a couple of days there happy to munch away. The hay is baled up only a couple of days before its sent out so we are able to check exactly what is going out, we want you to be happy and buy again but it’s impossible for us to guarantee it will be eaten although in most cases it usually is.
  • My delivery arrived damaged. Please check it’s pretty obvious if there is damage and a photo will help, if you are not happy refuse delivery stating why. Just to point out the box’s do get knocked about during transit that’s what there for to protect the product.
  • My delivery has not arrived. You should have a notification from DPD as to the progress of your delivery and receive it within a couple of days of ordering. If you have not got it after three days you must tell us so we can investigate as the longer its left the harder it is to resolve. Occasionally multiple parcels can get split up but usually arrive the day after. You can check the delivery status by entering the consignment number and your post code on the DPD site, this should be your first step before contacting us.
  • Weights stated throughout the site are a guide only and approximate due to limitations within our packing process which is based on volume and can be a little over or under, we try to show as honestly as we can what you are buying through various videos in the site.
  • Images and videos used throughout the site are of hay we have sold previousley but may not represent current stocks.
  • Occasionally we make a mistake and due to the cost of carriage we reserve the right to rectify on the next order.
  • If we are out of stock we reserve the right send a similar product and rectify any price difference.
  • We sell as a non pet product as it can be used for farm animals too.
  • On rare occasions sticks and other debris from the field may get through our screening process, as the hay is grown without the use of sprays and herbicides some bales may have harmless natural non grass species in such as cow parsley and sorrel so we ask you to do the final check.
  • Hay feels damp this can happen in winter on foggy damp days when the hay will absorb extra moisture from the atmosphere as we process it. This is easily remedied by opening the pack and keep it warm for a couple of hours there is no detriment to it.
  • Weights of individual bales may vary a little in the packs but the average overall weight will be correct within that pack.
  • DPD will not leave safe unless you ask for this, if you do we nor DPD will not be responsible for damage or theft after delivery, please remember our packs are not waterproof. drivers take a photo of where its been delivered to as proof of delivery and left if requested and also record the exact satalite co-ordinates too.
  • We must be notified immediately if you think something is missing, you can check the DPD Local tracking for delivery information here.
  • If you decide you are not happy with the product you have 14 days to return it to us for a refund. We must be notified of any return and should get back to us in a saleable condition. We refund to the original payment method once we have received the goods back, the carriage cost of any return is down to you and we suggest you use a tracked service to return.
  • If goods are returned to us as unable to deliver we will refund minus any additional costs incurred by us.
  • Finally we have many happy return customers and we try to conduct our business as tranparently and honestly as we can, we ask at the checkout you read and accept our terms of sale and supply, however if you do not agree with any of these it would be perhaps best to buy from elsewhere.