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Our Soft hay comes from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re seeded for many years, this type of hay has that wonderful fragrance we associate with fresh cut hay. Stalky hay is coarser and grows more rigorously from leys only a few years old with Rye grass family most predominate.English Timothy has strong stems and large seed heads. Standard is a new choice – texture is somewhere in the middle of Soft and Stalky

There’s more information on our Hay Page.

The video shows a box of Soft Hay being opened by 6ft.6″ Greg.

The hay has been compressed into the box and you might be surprised how much we can cram into one, as a guide we aim for 2kg. The dustbin test quantifies the amount!

The boxes are strapped together for DPD to a maximum of four if you want more you need to add again as another item.

4 reviews for Box Combos 2kg

  1. Abby Haley

    My Piggies love the soft meadow hay. The product really is the best i have found for actually being dust free !

  2. Mrs R C Baker

    I’ve had piggies for years and have never found hay that has even come close to this. I had a sick piggy with respiratory issues and changed to this hay to help her. My husband’s hayfever was so much better and my son doesn’t get a rash from the hay like he used to so he can help with them now. It smells so lovely but I have one small issue. Whenever I go near the hay box they go crazy at me until I put more in their cage even though they have big piles of it. My old ladies make me put it next to their beds so they can laze and dine. I’m stuck now and can’t move.

  3. janny7662

    Dust Free hay is the best. I have tried others but keep coming back here as the quality is so good. The Meadow Mix is just the perfect combo and my three guinea pigs love it!

  4. b.j.jackson

    The bunnies and piggies love all the dust free hay products but are especially enjoying the meadow hay and Timothy hay mix
    Happy bunnies!

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