We’ve been suppling hay for nearly 20 years now but only just recently started a Review Page this is so you can see what people who have purchased think. If you buy from us a couple of days after your order has arrived you will receive an email inviting you to share your buying experience, We always appreciate any feedback.

Lovely fragrant hay as usual. Soft enough not to hurt, long enough to fluff up.

Nicky 24/1/22

Fantastic as always, I barely get it in the front door before the bunnies are mobbing me for it. 😁
Smells and looks wonderful, dust extraction is amazing, as a severe asthmatic I’m pleased to say this dosnt cause any breathing issues like some store bought hay bags you can get.
I work at a vets and am always recommending Dustfreehay to our clients and colleagues.
Would 100% recommend.

Kirsty 23/01/22

Very happy! Love the smell of the soft hay!

Anonymous 22/1/22

I am always happy with my American Timothy as is my Bun, Rosie…Great service, always quick even if I order at a weekend

Adele 19/01/22

Always pleased & satisfied with my order. More importantly so is Jeremy 🐭!!

Julia 19/1/22

My rabbits enjoy it

Jean 18/1/22

Great quality, our rabbits love it. Good for their teeth too!

Andrew 13/1/22

This is the best quality hay available online, in my view.

Julie 11/1/22

Wouldn’t buy our hay from anywhere else – excellent value for money. Our 8 Guinea pigs are loving the standard

Colleen 6/01/22

Nice hay the bunnies loved it

Stephen F 27/12/21

Great stuff. Cheers

David.M 23/12/21

Just perfect rabbits love this

Geraldine 23/12/21

This order of meadow hay was not as nice as the previous one. It was not very stalky and my piggies flatten it very quickly. On the plus side, there are a lot of nice green strands and the pigs like it.

Joy 23/12/21

Great chinchilla loves it

Debbie S  22/12/21

Pleased with my recent purchase.

Christine 20/12/21

My Rabbit is happy so I’m happy. The hay is very nice.

Anonymous 20/121/21

Bought for rabbit. Good hay and excellent speedy service. I would certainly recommend this company.

Pauline 16/12/21

Really excellent service from this company my guinea pigs love the standard hay can’t get enough of it really fast delivery as well thankyou

Diane C 15/12 21

Really excellent service from this company my guinea pigs love the standard hay can’t get enough of it really fast delivery as well thankyou

Ruth K 12/12/21

Great product and fast delivery

Ute 15/12/21

Delivered promptly, good packaging and good quality hay. Two happy guinea pigs currently munching away!

Kerry 10/12/21

Very high quality hay that the guinea pigs love. Very fast delivery. Highly recommended.

Louise 8/12/21

Great value and quick delivery

Michelle 09/12/21

Always had great quality hay and straw from these guys, our rabbits and guinea pigs love it. Easy to handle bales. Delivery is quick, been next day until last order and then was only 48 hours from placing the order. DPD were battling through the gales and wind to get to us but events deemed unsafe and the drivers were pulled back in but have to say was personally kept informed and apologised to. Would certainly recommend to buy from this company and will be doing so again.

Annalee 09/12/21

We order stalky hay for our two mini rexes since they were kids and they absolutely love it! We were once forced to buy some hay from a pet shop and they were so fussy about it, yet when we ordered stalky from dustfreehay they were so content that they just stayed there and ate a lot and then contently flopped 😀
Hay always come to us fresh, it smells amazing and steams are very, very long – those three things and the fact that there’s no dust makes dustfreehay best choice for the bunnies or other pets. And we always take stalky for the best nutritional value 🙂

Kaja 6/12/21

As always, great quality hay and fantastic service. Thank you. 🙂

Rebecca 6/12.21

Very happy customer. Thankyou

Anonymous 5/12/21

Wish all companies were as good as this one excellent communication and ultra fast delivery hay is very good quality thankyou

Diane 5/12/21

Always good all the rabbits I have had eat it well

Annamarie 5/12/21

Super happy with the hay. The delivery was fast, got it next day. Communications regarding my order were sent informing me every step of the way. Most importantly is my guinea pigs love this hay and gobble it right up! Happy customers all around. 😊

Sylvia 2/12/21

Always good quality, my bunnies love it!

Lynn 2/12/21

Excellent customer service, great oroduct, good value

Ann 2/12/21

Our Guinea Piggies were happy with their hay and how fast it arrived. Thank you.

Laura 1/12/21

Always good quality hay, delivered in easy to store boxes.

Joy 1/12/21

The best hay ever bunnies been having it for a very long time superb quality and comes in handy stacking boxes. Very quick delivery excellent service great company

Alison 30/11/21

There is only one word for this stuff, ‘divine’. I so wish I had known about it for Mabel.

Caronine L. 26/11/21

Really happy with the quality hay! Thank you!


My rabbits love the new meadow mix hay. And knowing it’s been dust extracted is a bonus for my bun with respiratory issues.



Charlotte 19/11/21

Always lovely hay and very quick delivery. Any problems are immediately resolved. Highly recommend Dust Free Hay!

Mrs J. 11/11/21

Esther. 3/11/21

Lesley 4/11/21

Always very happy with the hay just ask my beautiful girls. Wouldnt go anywhere else.

Debra 4/11/21

Great product and fast delivery. Recommended to any bunny or guinea. Every bit is eaten so well worth the money

Geraldine 4/11/21

Always happy with the quality of hay from dust free hay! It arrives promptly too.
I buy hay for my guineapigspigs. I like the American Timothy and meadow mix. A variety keeps them interested as they can be quite selective over tastier bits of hay.
Dust free hay always has longer stalks which is good for guineapig teeth.
I’ve ordered from DFH for years and always will as other sellers of hay don’t meet the same good quality.

Lynsey 4/11/21

Stalky hay was nice quality, very clean and sweet smelling.

Joy 5/11/21

This is the best quality hay you will find around. It does cost a bit but it is worth it, especially when we see our bunnies so happy to eat it. Have also noticed that the wasted hay they leave behind is very minimal now.

Riccardo 5/11/21

Im delighted with the new mix of soft and slightly coarser hay. My bunnies have to work a bit harder to find the bits they like the best! Delivery to the Isle of Wight is longer than overnight but it is great that the company have made arrangements to deliver ‘abroad’.

Linda 02/11/21

Smells and feel freshly dried. Rabbits love it. Like the mix of meadow and coarse I chose.


Fresh and smells lovely. Rabbits have loved it. Really prompt delivery and great communication.

Holly.B   30/10/21

Fantastic hay! We’ve been using DFH for years and over those years our guineas have always been happy with the hay – and we have been happy with prompt, reliable delivery 🙂


Always perfect, thank you! From Eddie and Flossie


Next day delivery as usual. Very pleased.

Robert E. 28/10/21

This hay is absolutely top quality. There is no dust, no weeds and no wastage. My guinea pigs are happy and so am I! Perfect, thank you.
Catherine.F 27/10/21

I am thoroughly impressed with your hay, its gorgeous.So, I’m getting through one of your bagged bales a week.I have just opened number three of five.

Caroline 26/10/21

Nice and fresh. Bunnies dived in immediately! Really prompt delivery, well communicated time slot.

Ruth. 26/10/21

Excellent quality and service as always.

Kerry.L 26/10/21

reatest and highest recommendations speedy delivery and very professional

Anonymous 23/10/21

The hay is always good quality, smells fresh and with next day delivery it’s perfect. Always a reliable service from Dust Free Hay!

Mrs.C   21/10/21

Well packaged and good quality. Excellent service, speedy dispatch

Pauline M


The best Timothy hay ever and dust extracted my house bunnies just love it and it comes in handy recycling cardboard boxes that stack. Super quick delivery came next day

Eleanor 20/10/21

Fab thank you

Natalie F 18/10/21

Excellent hay. Ordered from you for many years & never been disappointed. My guineas love it & service is excellent too

CB 9/10/21

Very high quality hay for my bunnies they love it….smells so fresh too

Adele 04/10/21

My hay was delivered, sat 2nd sept that is what I call service ,hay nice and soft.

Christopher 3/10/21

Delivery has always been speedy and reliable.

Lesley H. 02/10/21

Fantastic service and lovely quality hay ?

Gaynor 01/10/21

Excellent quality hay and speedy delivery

JWM 01/10/21

Easy to order and delivery has been reliable

Fiona 29/09/21

As always excellent hay that my rabbits and guinea pigs love! Easy to order and quick delivery. 5*

Jo 29/090/21

Great quality hay that the the buns love. Been buying my hay from dust free for years and will continue to do so. Speedy deliver to the other end of the country too. Fussy buns that don’t eat hay, try these guys.

Neil 30/09/21

the website says that hay is shipped everyday except a Saturday. this should include a sunday as well as I ordered on a sunday and it wasn’t next day. My bunnies love the stalky hay but the colour is very very off putting! The yellow colour makes it seem that it is a low quality hay with low feed content but it isn’t! it is so so clean and my bunnies produce big golden poops with it!

Stephanie T 29/09/21

Fast delivery. Rabbits are enjoying the hay.

Stephanie 29/09/21

My rabbit absolutely loves the new standard hay, I’ve waited a while to send the review as she’s very fussy about her hay and quickly gets bored with it, not with this one, she literally begs for it. I do hope it will be viable for you to keep supplying it!

AP 29/09/21

Yes thankyou, always purchase the hay for my guineapigs who absolutley love it, they eat it and also build a beautiful nest. If anyone reads this please purchase the beautiful hay from these people. A big thankyou from owner.

Debra 26/09/21

Lovely quality, fresh hay. I have never had any issues with ordering, delivery or the quality of the hay. My rabbits and guinea pigs love it!

Isobel C  25/09/21

Just received my order. I really prefer the standard hay to the soft hay, its not as fluffy and my chinchillas preferred it. The order was extremely fast arriving.

Christine 25/09/21

Always really happy with the hay i order and quick delivery which is well informed. My bunnies get good quality hay!

Emma 25/09/21

Five Stars

Steve 19/09/21

very happy with both the service , and delivery, five stars

Chriistopher 20/09/21

Fantastic service and best hay we’ve bought by far, and best value, for truly spoilt guinea pigs.

Dawn 22/09/21

Excellent as usual.

Catherine 24/09/21

Arrived next day

Eleanor 24/09/21

Hello, I’m just letting you know that sadly as I no longer have any rabbits I will no longer be ordering from you. Thank you for providing the best hay around for all my animals for the past few years. They really have been really happy & healthy on it. Best wishes Jane

I have been buying hay from Dust Free hay for years. I have always found the quality to be very good. The free next day delivery makes it a real bargain. All the rabbits I’ve had will heartily recommend it.


Dust Free hay is the best. I have tried others but keep coming back here as the quality is so good. The Meadow Mix is just the perfect combo


I have been buying the best and most expensive hay I can find in local pet shops and Dust Free Hay is infinitely better.  My rabbits love it!


The very best hay ever American Timothy dust extracted and superb quality. I have 2 very fussy house bunnies ages 8 and it’s the only hay they will eat and they munch in their hay trays constantly. Great hay and comes in very convenient boxes that I can stack in the garage highly recommended


The bunnies and piggies love all the dust free hay products but are especially enjoying the meadow hay and Timothy hay mix
Happy bunnies!


Bought this and am very pleased with it,


I ordered 2pm and hay arrived 10 next morning, well impressed great quality will use again

I tried a 25kg bale, very pleased with it. Lovely hay