Large Bales 7kg

Bale 1
Bale 2
Bale 3
Our Soft Hay comes from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re seeded for many years, this type of hay has that wonderful fragrance we associate with fresh cut hay.
Stalky Mix is coarse from grasses that grow more rigorously from leys only a few years old with more yellow coloured Rye grass most predominate along with some Timothy.
English Timothy has strong stems and large seed heads can be paler in colour compared to American Timothy (which is only sold in boxes)  but very chewable!
Standard Hay, this is somewhere in the middle of soft and stalky, safe bet if your not sure. See Videos of Hay
The hay has been compressed into the sack and you might be surprised how much we can cram into one, as a guide we aim for 7kg, the video on the right shows a bale of Soft Hay being opened by 6ft.6″ Greg.
The dustbin test give’s you an idea of amount in each bale. Click the video on the right to see.
It’s worth noting the absence of the clouds of dust that would normally be present if it had not been through our dust removal process.

Sacks are closed with cable tie’s
Soft Hay – White
Stalky Hay – Black
UK Timothy – Green
Standard – Blue

Always lovely and fresh smelling. Valerie

It got delivered the day after I put the order in and our piggies love both the soft hay and the timothy! Ordered from here for at least a year now and have always had a positive experience! Rebecca

Great product, super value for money. Guinea pigs love the hay. Duncan

Good quality with an excellent delivery Anonymous

Always fresh and delivery is so quick next day. My rabbits have been so healthy since having this hay Ginny

Fast delivery and the hay is lovely really sweet smelling and fresh. Christine

Excellent hay as always I haven’t had much of a chance to see all of it yet as it only came yesterday it seems a bit drier than usual but what with all this hot weather that’s to be expected can’t wait till the new season hay is in I will be ordering more thankyou

Always happy with dust free hay! Ordered a top up of stalky hay for guinea pigs, great for their teeth and a contrast to the soft or standard hay we usually buy. It’s great to have the choice and options in hay and all are top quality. Very happy and excellent service as always. Dawn

Exremely quick delivery. Well packed and the hay is perfect for adding to our compost bin. Delighted thank you. Clare

Our 2 are quite happy with this hay Darren

Love the meadow hay and so to our guinea pigs Sam

Excellent quality, excellent delivery and communication Joseph

My rabbits love this hay Sue

Nice hay of consistently good quality. Joy

I am OR shall I say my guineapigs are always very happy to receive this beautiful hay thank-you I would never order hay from anyone else. Deborah

Great as always Natalie

Amazingly quick delivery, superb hay, happy rabbits Maria

Excellent product, very fast delivery. Joseph

Incredibly speedy delivery and great product for our Guinea pigs as always Niki

Fast delivery, great quality Paul

Great quality Anonymous

Rabbits loved the recent batch! Phil

Lovely fresh and green, bunnies love it, thanks Alan

Both hay and the service just as good as they always have been. I have bought from you for about 12 years and won’t go anywhere else. Rachel 

Always good hay.well wrapped and arrives on time Kenneth

Lovely fresh hay, well packaged, very quick delivery. Anonymous

Dust free as it says! Saved my self a fortune ? Anonymous

Always excellent quality, quick & reliable delivery & the Bunnies love it! Anonymous

Amazingly fast delivery, superb product Joseph

Superb quality hay, expedient delivery and good communication. Happy bunnies! Joseph

I haven’t used it yet but it looks and smells great. Thank you Marion

Gorgeous hay, quickly delivered as always, great to rely on for keeping guinea pigs happy Dawn

Absolutely lovely hay once again, my boys can’t get enough of it. Rebecca

Always the best quality hay, best service, and our guinea pigs could not be happier! Dawn

Brilliant as always, speedy delivery too Jane

Great service and very quick delivery Jane

Love love love this hay! Guinea pigs very happy and enough in 7kg not to need to order often, excellent service easy to order, great business! Dawn

Absolutely gorgeous hay best I’ve ever had for my guinea pigs Julie

My rabbits and guinea pigs love it. Good quality hay Sarah

We have 5 rabbits and as soon as they were given this hay they were tucking into it. It smells lovely, just as meadow hay should Sue F

Excellent quality as usual, 7kg bag lasts 5-6 weeks for my guinea pigs. Used this company for going on 2 years, never had any problems and such a speedy delivery. Vanessa

Fast delivery, great product Derek

Lovely quality hay with a wonderful aroma Lee

Fast delivery and good quality vIftakhar

Great product, great value, Guinea Pigs love it. Duncan

We buy the 7kg bales so we don’t have to keep going out to a shop and refilling, and know we can always give our guinea pigs plenty, either as bedding, food or whatever! We get a couple of varieties always soft as it’s dreamy soft and smells lovely, then either the standard or stalky

Really happy with the hay, much better quality than main brands and dispatched promptly receiving it the next day. Would recommend. Ian

Excellent quality speedily delivered and it smells wonderful Norma

Absolutely gorgeous Julie

Excellent service very fast delivery ordered one day came next day fantastic thankyou it’s nice to deal with a company that is so reliable Diane

I have been buying my hay from this company for about 12 years with a short break when we lived abroad. I have never had to complain in all that time and would not order from anyone else. The hay is always great quality and the rabbits enjoy it! Rachel

Smells delightful, great service too Jane

Superb as always, keeping everyone fed and warm through the colder weather, lovely options of soft and standard ? Dawn

Great stuff, the guinea pigs love it David

Great service as always, chinchillas love the hay Jane

Excellent service arrived next day and rabbit loves the hay Simon

Ordered Sunday delivered on Tuesday Derek

Fabulous service, best quality hay and very happy guinea pigs, can’t ask for more! Dawn

Always good quality hay from DFH. Nice and clean and not too soft. Joy

Guinea pigs absolutely love it. Good value, good quality bag. Last for ages (2 x GPs in large hutch). Lovely fresh smell to the hay. Duncan. M

I have been buying from Dust Free Hay for years and am always happy with the quality. Tina

I’m sure the hay is great, only gave it a 4/5 as I’ve not opened it yet. Delivered quickly and in good packaging. Gabrielle

Quick delivery and absolutely loved by my guinea’s. Thoroughly recommend. Louise.K  

Always excellent hay i wouldnt buy from anyone else. DC

Lovely hay, well packaged. Very quick delivery. Valerie

Excellent service and the best hay (er order soft and timothy bales) around to spoil our guinea pigs, very pleased with the speed of the delivery especially after Christmas, thank you dust free hay! Dawn

Always extremely very happy my girls always love the hay, and i shall keep on buying it. Thankyou. Debra

The whole process was really easy but I found the ordering quite confusing as to bale 1 2 3 ?? I didn`t understand that and was expecting 6 bales not 3 and spent over £60 for 3 bales that were really not enough, so good hay but too expensive to buy for horses Petra

Absoutly Fantastic as normal, the bunnies love it Veronica

Bunnies very happy Grace

My guinea pig absolutely loved it Julie

Best hay around. All my furries love it Geraldine

Lovely soft stalk hay, my rabbit Peter loves it. Excellent delivery which I can rely on. I would recommend this company Pauline

Quick, economic and the usual great quality Paul

Great product, guinea pigs love it. Quick delivery, great vfm Duncan

We switched to Dust Free Hay and couldnt be happier. The Bunnies love it, it is wonderful quality and the despatch is super reliable. Anonymous

Very good hay. This is my second purchase. Elaine 

Fantastic thank you Natalie

Clean, sweet- smelling hay. My piggies like this one the best. Joy

Happy bunnies love this soft hay! Thank u! Emma