Large Bales 7kg

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Bale 1
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Our Soft Hay comes from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re seeded for many years, this type of hay has that wonderful fragrance we associate with fresh cut hay.
Stalky hay is coarser and grows more rigorously from leys only a few years old with Rye grass family most predominate.
English Timothy has strong stems and large seed heads.
The video on the right shows a bale of Soft Hay being opened by 6ft.6″ Greg.
NewStandard Hay, this is somewhere in the middle of soft and stalky
The hay has been compressed into the sack and you might be surprised how much we can cram into one, as a guide we aim for 7kg.
The dustbin test give’s you an idea of amount in each bale.
It’s worth noting the absence of the clouds of dust that would normally be present if it had not been through our dust removal process.

Sacks are closed with cable tie’s
Soft Hay – White
Stalky Hay – Black
UK Timothy – Green
Standard – Blue

I tried a 25kg bale, very pleased with it. Lovely hay


I ordered 2pm and hay arrived 10 next morning, well impressed great quality will use again

Bought this and am very pleased with it,


The bunnies and piggies love all the dust free hay products but are especially enjoying the meadow hay and Timothy hay mix
Happy bunnies!


The very best hay ever American Timothy dust extracted and superb quality. I have 2 very fussy house bunnies ages 8 and it’s the only hay they will eat and they munch in their hay trays constantly. Great hay and comes in very convenient boxes that I can stack in the garage highly recommended


I have been buying the best and most expensive hay I can find in local pet shops and Dust Free Hay is infinitely better.  My rabbits love it!