Large Bales 7kg


We use breathable woven polyproplene sacks to put these bales into and close with a coloured cable tie, White – Soft and Black – Stalky. We put them in a cardboard box for transit. Weight for a guide is 7kg.

At the moment we have no English Timothy so OUT of Stock.

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Our Large bales come in a recyclable polypropylene sack and weigh around 7kg, you have a choice of Soft or Stalky at the moment.Our Soft Hay will come from long established meadows that have not been ploughed and re-seeded for many years this is the type of hay that has the lovely fragrance we all associate with fresh cut hay and will include older types of grasses like Cocksfoot, Fescues, Crested Dogstail to name a few but also some Perrenial ryegrass. Stalky Hay and Timothy are from less established grassland meaning they have come from recently re-seeded ground using more vigorous faster growing types mainly of Ryegrass, they produce more growth and have a higher feed value. Colour will tend to be more yellow as the stems are thicker it takes more sun to dry and therefore bleaches it more than the finer soft hay, because of this it can be wrongley mistaken for straw!  The smell is a little different too more of a “mealy” hard to describe smell but never the less is an excellent feed. See the contents of a bale being opened on the Video Tab and see the volume you will get.


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  • Roman says:

    There’s more in the bales than you think, I was’nt sure when I watched the video,But there is!