You can order up to four boxes of any combination, Soft Meadow Hay and /or the more nutritious Stalky or Seed hay as well as Timothy American and English and also Straw, this way is a good opportunity to try different types. Boxes weigh 2kg.  Sample Box of all four hays is available. Smaller Bales in Poly Sack come in bundles of five with a total weight for the five of 11-12kg. With hay types, Soft, Stalky Seed Hay, English Timothy or Barley Straw.
Larger Bales in Poly Sacks weigh 7kg. With hay types Soft, Stalky Seed Hay or English Timothy.
Click on the images to see how much is in the packs

Notice the absence of DUST as the hay is being forked out, Its clear to see how good a job our system makes of cleaning the hay.
These sizes cater for most and you can mix and match the types of hay you would like.
We process and pack the hay on a daily basis meaning your order will have been packed only a couple of days before this enable us to carry out quality control and ensures your order reaches you in very best condition.
We send your order every working day provided we have it by 12 noon on a limited guarantee next working day delivery.
*All our packaging is recyclable.

Test Pack

We supply a bag of each of our four hays in a pack so you can try, its a chance to see exactley what our stocks look at the current time, it’s worth noting this is changing all the time as we move through supplies, although the general texture is usually pretty acurate the smell and palatability may change a little. Test Packs are chosen from the “Box Combinations” page and is in the first drop down box, the remaing three should show “Thats all Thanks “