Dust is an under estimated problem that occurs in all traditionally grown hay.

Dust is an under estimated problem that occurs in all traditionally grown hay.

Farmers can get “farmers lung” through working in a dusty atmosphere all caused by very small particles of dust that they breathe in eventually causing lung problems.

Lots of horses and ponies have to have their hay soaked to supress the dust in the hay and in more recent times haylage is fed instead to stop them coughing and underperforming, pretty important if it’s a racehorse.

It’s going to be a similar thing with small animals too especially living in a confined space they have no choice but to breathe it in and additionally it’s going to affect the keeper too.

There are lots of claims that hay has no dust in it or its been dust extracted, you only have to take a small percentage out to claim its been dust extracted, it’s a good sales line and almost misleading but people fall for it every time!

We try to show in the videos just how much dust comes out of the good hay we use, its not the fragmented pieces you see in the bottom of the bag that are a problem but the very fine airborne particles shown that are able to be inhaled.

You can see a small amount escaping from the dump bag through the small hole which gives an idea of just how much is produced. Notice the filthy mess the bags get into after having the dust blown into them. Yuk!

The lower video shows one of the points in our system where the dust is taken from, you can quite easily see the dust floating about in the sunlight

We think that the benefit of being able to purchase hay with this taken out has got to be a big step forward.

If you are wondering what we do with this dust its stored and then spread back onto the fields once its rotted down.