Are Pesticides and Herbicides used?

Our hay is grown without the use of Pesticides and Herbicides and is quite natural but because of this from time to time there maybe some broad leave flora in the hay, this would be sprayed out of the field under more intensive conditions,but we think this is a reasonable trade off to avoid using chemicals.

How should I store?

Hay and Straw should be kept in a cool  airy and dark place, Light will make the hay fade in colour, Lack of circulating air and a warm enviroment will assist in the formation of mold.

Dust Free?

Our process removes nearly all the airborne dust which can cause breathing problems but there may be fragmented pieces left in the bottom of the pack which are not airborne, these are not harmful and although our process removes much of this it can reoccur in a limited way when we compress into the pack and also during  transit.

Its not uncommon for our system to remove  20% of the volume  from the hay as we process.which is discarded dust and fragmented material..

Not eating hay

We don't gurantee your animal will eat the hay,this is not an idication that there is something wrong with it maybe just  different to the one before.


How much in a pack

When emptied out a small bale will easily fill a black 80 litre household dustbin we don't sell by weight as being a natural product it does vary but as a guide only will weigh in around 2kg.

There are about 3 to 4 small bales in each large bale.