I’ve been ordering from Dust Free Hay for several years now and can’t imagine buying my hay from anywhere else. The delivery is very efficient and the hessian sacks are recycled for use in my garden, nothing is wasted.
I have purchased both the soft hay and the stalky hay in the past and nothing is left uneaten my happy rabbits- they adore their hay! I also love how sweet and fresh the hay smells, I’ve had people comment on how pleasant the scent is.

I recently adopted a rescue rabbit who I was told refused to eat hay and that I would struggle with, apparently the rescue had tried all sorts of hay and it was refused.
Then, came along Dust Free Hay! My stubborn rescue rabbit quickly realised how tasty it is and now demolishes his hay as soon as it’s put into his cage.

Thanks, Dust Free Hay!

Hollie 25/3/22